I am Ardavan, a researcher, technologist, and designer. I inquire into the creative applications of robotics and machine learning as part of my Ph.D. studies at Carnegie Mellon University.

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I am Ardavan Bidgoli, a computational designer, roboticist, and machine learning researcher.​ ​My research concerns the interfaces that enable ​​designers and creative​ users ​​to interact with computational design​ ​​tools.​ ​I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Computational Design at the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, where I study the affordances of a situated approach to machine learning in creative computing toolmaking for domain expert users.

I am the lead instructor of the Introduction to Machine Learning in Design at CMU School of Architecture. My industry partnerships span​ ​ various research and product teams at AEC-Tech companies, including the Generative Components team at Bentley Systems and Autodesk’s OCTO team at Pier9 and BUILD space facilities.