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Automated Robotic Assembly and Fabrication


A Collaborative Automated Robotic Fabrication Platform.

Integrating industrial robotic arms, computer vision, and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). 

Internship project @Autodesk Pier9, Summer 2016

MeshBot is a fully automated robotic fabrication for mesh structures. It consists of two robotic arm as the holder and welder that fabricate a structure made of pre-fabricated triangular metal parts. 


The robotic end effector assembly has two main units: 1. Microsoft Kinect for computer vision, and 2. A wirelessly controlled electropermanent magnetic gripper. 

image32_ copy 2.gif

The computer vision algorithm can detect elements and find the pickup point.



This project was developed as an internship project at Autodesk Pier9 facilities during the summer of 2016. 

I contributed to this project on form design, robotic end-effectors design, electronic systems development for the robotic end-effectors, visualization, and documentation.

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