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Robotic Construction

Human-Robot Collaboration in Construction


Automated Fabrication and Assembly in Construction

Human-robot workflow for timber structure assembly. 

Internship project @Autodesk BUILD Space, Summer 2018.

In Collaboration with Mehmet Bermek and Sevki Topcu

This project was an attempt to develop a human-robot workflow for timber structure assembly. Structural elements were pre-fabricated using  digital fabrication methods and were delivered on site with no specific order. The computer vision could detect each element and register the gripping point. Then the robotic arm will sort and hold each of the elements for a skilled worker to fix them to each other.


This project was developed as an internship project at Autodesk BUILD Space facilities during the summer of 2018. The video above was presented at RobArch 2018 conference and is publicly available. 

I contributed to this project on form design, robotic end-effectors design, electronic systems development for the end-effectors, computer vision system, robotic path planning, robotic implementation, visualization, and documentation.

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